Thank You for Sharing

I am so grateful for each of you, sharing the mission I’m just trying to live out.


albany chanel ~ give gorgeously

Albany Chanel of Give Gorgeously wrote a beautiful {shop spotlight} on Taira Adair Art. No matter how many times I read it, it still brings tears to my eyes. During a time when doubt and depression are trying to keep me down, Albany’s words remind me why I’m doing this. Thank you Albany - you, my gorgeous friend, are a gift. You can follow her beautiful mission here and here!

“Through her work, she encourages others (against self-doubt) that although it is darkest before dawn, dawn is still coming. The sun will rise again even after the darkest night and shine on you. Through her words, she gently informs us that it is okay to not be okay. That you don’t have to fight this fight alone and you can too find freedom from depression. And it’s through her wish, she prompts us to remember that we are loved and to live loved. . . “ Read more of her article here

upjourney ~ best thank you gifts

“In my opinion, the best thank you gifts are ones that are unique and encouraging or uplifting!

I may be a little biased, but the one thing that fits both those qualifiers is artwork.

Whether it’s a uplifting word print, or an original painting, for me those are always the most cherished gifts. I honestly believe any piece of art can be perfect as a ‘thank you’!”

See the entire gift guide here.


Taira Adair.png

featured artist at the carling ~ small business saturday

For Small Business Saturday 2018, The Historic Carling in downtown Jacksonville hosted me as their “artist in residence” for the day.

You can see more upcoming events here.