{May 2019} Print of the Month

{May 2019} Print of the Month

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Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea for the 1st ever Word of the Month ! I chose this beautiful quote, submitted my Brigid W. : “There is a young girl inside me who refuses to die.” ~ Tove Ditlevsen.

This limited edition print includes beautiful art by Nadi Spasibenko. Sometimes people ask why I don’t just use my own, and the truth is I love supporting other artists and know when I don’t have the skill set to create what’s in my head. This is a perfect example - I knew this quote would be perfect for Mother’s Day and deserved some florals, which are not my strong suit. But Nadi is FANTASTIC at them (obviously). Please go give her a follow!

You can also purchase this as part of the Mother’s Day set through May 15!

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