art + words

Create some positive space on your walls with a reminder to be present, to live loved, to give yourself and others a little grace. 

works on paper

These minimal paintings were created in an effort to stop my inner perfectionist from always wanting to do more & to add more (both in art and life). I hope the white space will remind you that when you create space in your life, your home, your heart..... beauty will emerge in its most unaltered form.

works on canvas 

Art has a way of speaking & bringing people together, a way of reminding us that beauty exists, even in the midst of the madness. I’ve been painting for over 17 years, dabbling in just about every style possible. From impressionist seascapes, to textured abstracts, to realism, I love it all! Art is so healing for me, both in creating and in viewing a piece that makes you pause and take a deep breath. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re looking for something specific- I truly enjoy working closely with clients to create something completely unique for them.



Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say, or not say. Each mug and card has been designed and created with exactly that in mind. Whether it’s simply to say “I’m here,” or a reminder to breathe while they drink their morning coffee, give them a gift that reminds them just how loved they are.