"Sky and Sea" was completed in March 2017, inspired by Jacksonville's ever-changing horizon. If you've ever been around the Atlantic Coast, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The wind and clouds move quickly near the ocean, making me believe that God is joyfully painting something new every moment. Look away for five minutes, and you may look back up to a completely different skyline. 



Unbroken. The word holds so much; a promise, a resilience, the process of hurt and healing, the love of something or someone that is both broken and unbroken all at once. This series came about during a difficult and transitional time in my life, and I had the first painting named "Unbroken" before I was even finished. Over the months, it's grown to take on something more. Some of the paintings are named in honor of rescued dogs, one from a particularly horrific life (Hope's story). 20 percent of each purchase from the "Unbroken" series will be donated to Florida Urgent Rescue, a local animal rescue dedicated to making this world more compassionate. 


Unbroken Sunset.jpg

This collection is paintings that have been completed over the last several years, not necessarily part of a series. Several of these were commissioned (my favorite!). Please contact me if you would like to discuss the commission process!