You Make All Things New

Here we go...  and putting it in writing means there's no backing out. I am working on a complete RE-LAUNCH of Adair Artistry, with a new vision, new products, and a new heart. This has been months in the making... honestly years, with God's gentle nudging (and sometimes not so gentle) in my subconscious and dreams.  He has been trying to move me and I'm finally giving in. My stubborn heart has been completely worn down by his grace and love. And it's awesome y'all.

I'm not ready to give it all away just yet, but I wanted to invite you along in this new journey. I can't wait to tell (and show!) you what God has nestled in the depths of my soul. 

Dream with me?  PHOTO CREDIT: Stefanie Keeler

Dream with me?

PHOTO CREDIT: Stefanie Keeler