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the word no one likes

If you’ve never been there, you may be asking “how does it get that bad?”… “don’t they know that there’s always hope?”… “wouldn’t a friend or family member know and intervene before it got to that point?”….

The answers? Gray, complicated, and not what you want to hear.

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On Feeling Lost When You Come Home

Moss and Twigs. That's what I told Jason I felt like last night. Like my neck was made of moss and twigs. I'm sure the migraine isn't helping. My mind is fuzzy, hazed. It's as if everything is on a delay.

Foreign in my own home, but also at home here.... have you ever had this sensation after returning from a trip?

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getting my groove back

So this week I let go, I stopped trying so hard to paint based on specific words and lines and what I wanted people to see. I know I'll be coming back to the Psalms soon, but right now I am focusing on putting paint on canvas, and I think it's exactly what He was trying to show me all along; To draw near to Him, to really study the Word (which I'm terrible at btw), and then to let it go and just focus on His love.

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