Father's Day 2019: Show Dad You {Really} Care

Can we be honest?

Fathers Day is SO much harder to shop for than Mothers Day! Most of us know our Mom’s taste pretty well and there’s an abundance of candles, flower paintings, and cute wine glasses to choose from. ⠀

I know I’m stereotyping a little here but most of our Dad’s ‘likes’ tend to be a bit more expensive (boats, fancy grills, etc.) which makes it hard to gift something meaningful without breaking the bank. And do you really want to get him a polo for the third year in a row?

A few gifts that will (actually) show him you appreciate him

If you’re on a tight budget: ‘Dad’ etymology print ($10-$32). You can pick your size, framing options, and even quote at the bottom, meaning you can give him something meaningful without spending a ton!

If you know an organization that supports something that has impacted him: Donate to a charity in his name! Whether he’s rescued his beloved pup or he’s heartbroken over the human trafficking crisis, there’s hundreds of great organizations to give to. Some even write a note thanking you for donating in ____’s name!

If you’re looking for something that no one else will have: An original piece of artwork that isn’t frilly, and will work with almost any office or home decor (translation- mom will actually want to display it)

If he’s an adventurer: Find something unique that speaks to his favorite kind of adventuring, like these stunning handmade fly fishing boutonnieres, signs, and lapel pins. Sometimes it’s just about showing him that you notice his hobbies & put some thought behind your gift!

If your budget is nonexistent: A handwritten card means more than you can imagine. Any ol’ piece of paper will do. Think of all he’s done for you - then write it down & sign your name!

If you’re reading this and tomorrow is Father’s Day: Plan an “all about Dad” day - go fishing with him, or plan a day trip to hike somewhere new, make him his favorite dinner… just make it all about him!

*Editors note: none of the products or charities mentioned here are affiliate links or sponsored. Simply a few organizations and products I love!