A little piece of my heart from early April... I'm not sure why I've decided to share it weeks after the fact, but I trust that God put it on my heart for a reason... maybe you're the one that needs it today?

"Today, I met a woman named Victory. It was only in passing and yet I immediately wanted to know her. I wanted to be a part of the peace she was carrying. She wasn’t doing what most people would consider a glorious job. She was changing the small desk trash cans in an uncomfortably quiet office building. What struck me most about her, was that as she did this task, she wore a gentle smile, as if she held some secret piece of wisdom.

After she left, it occurred to me that maybe this is what Victory looks like. It doesn’t have to be loud boasting. It may not even require words. True victory is held in a deep inside us. We don’t need to shout it, because the look on our face is enough to stir wonder in those around us. When we are in the midst of chaos, when we’re doing dishes (my personal least favorite house task), when we take on jobs that aren’t ours, for the sake of others’... there is victory there. 

You may not feel victorious, but you are. You woke up today, you courageously faced things that don’t necessarily spark joy. There will be days where you don’t think you can face those things, when you can’t get out of bed due to mental or physical ailments. Even then, you can hold victory. Jesus won it for you. He declared victory over sin and death. He is fighting your battles. When you feel like there are enemies on every side and there’s no way out, He is your sword, your shield, your Protector and Savior. He will not let you perish. When you feel as if there is no hope, be still. Let Him gently remind you - He is victorious, and when He lives in you, you are too."

Gorgeous photography by  Andrik Langfield

Gorgeous photography by Andrik Langfield