you are a vehicle. and you get to choose what that means.

What you are not meant to be:

a fire truck, speeding through town to put out fires you did not start.

a dump truck, trudging down back roads, stopping only to pick up others’ trash, accumulating in an overflow that must be dumped or else blow into the air around you as you drive.

a mail carrier, dropping political ads, coupons, and unfortunate bills at doorsteps.

a squad car, policing those around you to make sure justice is served.

an ambulance, running to save every life in danger.

a cable/tv van, made only to entertain, to distract people from their lives.

So…. what are you? Are you okay with being a seemingly unimportant “regular” vehicle?

Close your eyes and breathe in…. What color? Does that symbolize something to you? An SUV or truck? What are you carrying? Leave only room for things that bring you joy. Where are you driving? The mountains, the beach, your hometown? Are the windows down? What does it smell like? What type of music is setting the mood? Or maybe it’s none at all, and you’re just happy to have quiet.

This, is the vehicle you are meant to drive. You are not in charge of others’ happiness or unhappiness. It is ok to “just be” a normal car. Your only responsibility is to move over when an emergency vehicle comes through. And the driver of those vans? Jesus. He can put out fires. He can hold everyone’s trash, no matter how heavy the load. He can, and will, save lives. It’s ok to just let Him do His job. You can relax. You can breathe. You can drive and just be.

Image by    Averie Woodard