east coast weather

It's the beginning of June. The weather is perfectly unpredictable. Bright as the sun one moment, storm clouds rolling through the next. Sometimes I feel it's a lot like me, this weather. I've struggled through the confusion, the ups and downs, the voices screaming inside my head..... And the calm during which God gave me reprieve from the demons. I'm humbled by the way He healed me, and how He continues to heal me in more ways than I could have imagined. 

Healing comes in a million little ways. Your struggles don't define you and neither does your path of healing. Only Jesus Christ gets to dictate the plan for your healing! For some, it's through church. For some, it's through counseling and medicine. For some, it happens overnight and for some, it happens over years, over a lifetime. Maybe it's a little of all those things. 

Stormy nights. Sunny days. Choppy seas. Glass-like lakes. You can find Him in them all... instead of being filled with dread as the wind picks up, let it serve as a reminder that Jesus is right here, right now, despite the weathering circumstances around you. 

Each time those storm clouds roll in, I'm reminded of who I've become through Christ. The beauty that came in the pain- because He never lets pain go to waste. 

Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash