Unbroken. The word holds so much; a promise, a resilience, the process of hurt and healing, the love of something or someone that is both broken and unbroken all at once. This series came about during a difficult and transitional time in my life, and I had the first painting named "Unbroken" before I was even finished. Over the months, it's grown to take on something more. Some of the paintings are named in honor of rescued dogs, one from a particularly horrific life (Hope's story). 20 percent of each purchase from the "Unbroken" series will be donated to Florida Urgent Rescue, a local animal rescue dedicated to making this world more compassionate. 


A few definitions of unbroken from my amazing social media friends (Yes, I consider them real friends because the groups I am in support and uplift each other, pray for each other, give advice... everything a good friend would do):

"Unbroken: seamless, hemed in behind and before, whole, redeemed by Jesus for the glory of Jesus, and victorious." ~ Hannah

"The moment you realize while there are capsizing waves flooding our lives, there is a perfect stillness, an unbroken tranquility in the love of Jesus. He has the power and authority to calm the storm with a simple command. Let this be our resting place. Unbroken. Untethered. Unmoved. Uninhibited." ~Michael

"The word Unbroken to me reminds me of a time about 2 years ago when I'd been suffering with severe anxiety, depression and depersonalisation for about 12 months. Over that time I convinced myself there was something wrong we me, that I wasn't good enough at the job I was doing and that I wasn't a good friend anymore. But around that time I started to gain clarity and realised that I wasn't broken, a failure or a bad friend and that it was just the negative environment that I was in. I realised that it was that which needed to change and not me." ~Amy

"As a woman of color the term "unbroken" means survival." ~ Hajjar

"One of my favorite quotes is from Beth Moore - " I am better off healed than I ever was unbroken". For me, when I think unbroken, I think untouched." ~Tiffany

"This is the first think that I thought of when you mentioned unbroken. That we may fall to pieces and when put togehter we are changed but still beautiful, like these pots" ~ Stacy, describing Kintsukuroi, the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding the piece is more beautiful for being broken. 

"Unbroken for me is the moment I allowed Christ to break me for His Will and Glory. My utmost broken is my truest unbroken." ~Paula

"What comes up for me is that we were never broken in the first place. Whole and at peace is our innate default state, the place we can always come back to, just like a cut heals." ~ Anke

"Me. Literally, I read "unbroken" and I thought, MAN, that's it. That's where I am. I am in the process to the whole. I am unbroken.

That's where I am.
I am in the process to the whole.
I am unbroken." ~Valarie

Unbroken. What does it mean to you?