In the Waiting

Waiting seasons. They can feel like punishment through the frustration, uncertainty, asking for patience you don't have. Are they a blessing? It doesn't feel like it. Is God pruning me? Maybe, but it hurts like hell. Is He even there? I can't feel Him. Doesn't He hear my prayers? Well, not prayers really... more like desperate frustrated "when God, when???" Wait... did I actually pray? ...... ask Him to help me release my need for control, for perfect detailed plans..... ask Him to let me feel His presence? 

Waiting seasons. They absolutely suck if you forget for a millisecond that He's In The Waiting. 

In my last post, I talked about how my "Psalms" art series is going. The Psalms study? Going pretty well! Creating art for the series? Nonexistent. My plans unraveled slowly at first, then completely. He gave me this idea, so why was it not coming to fruition? 

Because His plans are better. His ways are greater. His love is stronger. 

This series, appropriately and spontaneously named "In the Waiting," happened quickly, within only a few weeks of releasing that control to God. Some of the pieces have been incomplete for years, waiting for last touches, for deeper color and movement. It's some of my most inspired work, and I'll be praying fervently over each piece before sending them to their new homes.  

You can find the "In the Waiting" series here on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 4:00 PM (EST).