the word no one likes

If you’ve never been there, you may be asking “how does it get that bad?”… “don’t they know that there’s always hope?”… “wouldn’t a friend or family member know and intervene before it got to that point?”….

The answers? Gray, complicated, and not what you want to hear.

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Father's Day 2019: Show Dad You {Really} Care

Consider getting your father something a little more meaningful and unique this year… he deserves it.

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about depression

There are many roots to the word “depression”, but the earliest recorded use was likely for astronomy, “angular distance of a star below the horizon”.

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stranded by fear

I usually come here with encouragement, or inspiration. So it’s a little odd to be coming here now, without a revelation or beautiful story to tell. But I knew I needed to write, for me. And God nudged me to do that here…

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Today, I met a woman named Victory. It was only in passing and yet I immediately wanted to know her. I wanted to be a part of the peace she was carrying.

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you are a vehicle. and you get to choose what that means.

What you are not meant to be:

a fire truck, speeding through town to put out fires you did not start.

a dump truck, trudging down back roads, stopping only to pick up others’ trash,

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on being gentle {with yourself}

The New Year had begun and somehow, I had not. I felt stuck, paralyzed by too much potential, too many ideas, and not enough time... So here we are, only 9 days into 2019, exhausted from the expectations of November and December… and exhausted from the expectations we have already failed to meet of the new year.

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running to the secret place

Sometimes it takes a complete change of scenery to remind of us the beauty we have here on earth. I’m sure it in no way compares to heaven, but how lovely that He would create visual hope, a retreat from the evil of this world, that we can return to.

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grieving with a friend... without grieving *with* them

We have to let people grieve in their own way, and in their own time. You can grieve with someone....without grieving with them. 

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