Gallery Walls

Commissions & Ready to Print 


Have a whole wall ready to be filled with inspiration?

I got you.


ready to print

You can find my "ready to print" gallery walls here. I've put together a few different themes for you to choose from! You can choose to automatically download the files and print them in the sizes you would like. Or, you can let me do all the work- just choose the shipping option instead! I'll print each file on high-quality recycled paper in the sizes listed. 

If you want something a little more customized, take a look at the options below and don't hesitate to contact me!

partial commission 

Thinking you like one of the "ready to print" options, but you'd like one or two prints replaced with another one in my shop? Shoot me a message with what you're thinking! *Please note this option will increase the "ready to print" option by 15%. 

full commission

This is my FAVORITE! Blank wall. You have your own favorite colors, verses, theme, and Adair Artistry paintings or prints. Let's work together to put together a completely customized gallery wall. I'll even thrift for the frames and re-furbish them, so your gallery wall arrives ready to hang!