Collections + Works


{be still} collection

11 pieces for each verse of Psalm 46. Some are framed works on paper, and others are painted canvases, but I hope they all remind you to breathe in, to be still, and to let peace in.

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{vintage dreaming} collection

Usually choosing a frame comes after the artwork, but what if the frame was chosen first, and inspired the very painting that would go into it? That’s exactly what the Vintage Dreaming collection was all about. Finding beautiful vintage frames, then creating the painting to fit into the aesthetic! Have a vintage frame you love but not sure what should go in it? Start the conversation here.

{creating space} collection

These minimal paintings were created in an effort to stop my inner perfectionist from always wanting to do more & to add more (both in art and life). I hope the white space will remind you that when you create space in your life, your home, your heart..... beauty will emerge in its most unaltered form. 

{weightless} collection

A visual tribune to the joy of water. I was fortunate enough to grow up a "water baby" on a beautiful lake in Alabama. Now that I'm by the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville, Florida, my love for water has only flourished. I enjoy challenging myself with all types of mediums and styles, but one thing remains true: I always come back to bodies of water. Oceans, lakes, rivers, inter-coastal wetlands... they all restore my soul in the most gentle way.

{fragile} collection

A series inspired by love & vulnerability. The idea that being fragile can be a beautiful thing, as long as there’s someone loving you tenderly and treating you like something they never want to break. Some of my absolute favorite abstract oil paintings I’ve ever completed are still available, waiting to grace the walls of lovers.

{sky and sea} collection

The name says it all. Is there anything more beautiful than the endlessness of skies and oceans? A series of tiny oil paintings, perfect for small spaces and shelves.

in the waiting collection

This series, appropriately and spontaneously named "In the Waiting," happened quickly, within only a few weeks of releasing that control to God. Some of the pieces have been incomplete for years, waiting for last touches, for deeper color and movement. It's some of my most inspired work, and I'll be praying fervently over each piece before sending them to their new homes.

{unbroken} collection

A tribute to all the rescue animals, that have something to teach us about resilience, about learning to trust again. 20% of the proceeds of each painting is donated to Florida Urgent Rescue, a local dog rescue that saves our four-legged friends that others have given up on.

Miscellaneous favorites

Many of my paintings weren’t created as part of a collection, and my favorites from the last 15 years can be found here! There are a few still for sale, although most have been sold (or I can’t bear to part with them!)

print of the month (Full Collection)

May 2019 I began creating a “Print of the Month,” as a means of creating some space in my online shop (without giving up the desire to constantly create)! Now I’m able to put out an entirely new idea each month. BUT - it’s only available for purchase from the 1st through the end of the corresponding month. If you see one you absolutely love, email me at - sometimes I have a few left in a secret stash ;)

commissioned works

A few of the special pieces that have been commissioned by individuals and families. From golden sunrises to etymology prints to shaded rivers, I love to bridge that gap between what’s in your beautiful mind and the visual on canvas or paper.