I’m BEYOND excited that God is allowing this passion project come to fruition. He’s already moving in big ways, getting these truths into the hands of women all over the world! And I know He’s going to keep moving mountains, because that’s just who He is!

When I created this book, it was for a family member as a baby shower gift… but I quickly found that every woman that read it, whether she was 18 or 80, welled up with tears. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that we are valuable and unconditionally loved when the world tells us the complete opposite. But our Creator, the One who formed us in our mother’s wombs… He tells us, all throughout His Word, that we are: valued, delighted over, safe, holy, blameless, beautiful, and so so so loved. I can’t help but to wonder how the world would be changed if we really started believing it.

If you’re in the Jacksonville area, I’d love for you to join me for the official book launch party on Tuesday, September 24.

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