*Not* about me


wow that's hard to say...

This isn't about me, and labeling this page will hopefully help me remember that each time I come here to write and share art. This is about so much more than little ol' me. It's about process, about time, about overcoming... it's about you, and your heart.

Speaking of....how is your heart today? Be honest with yourself.

If it's like mine, it may depend on the time of day, the place, the voices around and inside you. That's ok. This life can be one hell of a rocky hill.  But there's beauty to be found, I promise.  Every few steps may give you a completely different view than the one before it. When was the last time you stopped to admire the little pieces of beauty around you? Or the last time you actually felt yourself breathe?  

My hope is that some of these words, these pieces of art, will help you remember to do just that.