Hello there! I am an abstract impressionist artist currently working in oil on canvas and panel. I live in Jacksonville, FL and am passionate about animals, especially those with special needs and from unfortunate backgrounds. Please forgive me if I remember your dog's name before I remember yours! 

I pour my passion and time into each piece, often to the rhythm of music I am listening to. I draw much of my inspiration from the movement of people and nature-- especially dancing and water. My most recent series, "In the Waiting," is about the challenges and heartache that come with waiting season, and the unbelievable beauty that God will show you once you let go. 


My Story


Where to begin? I'll try not to leave a full novel here. My story is one of redemption, of overcoming, of searching for beauty in the seemingly mundane. I was born on a beautiful lake in Alabama and lived in tandem with nature, finding near-constant peace and inspiration with only a small touch from the sun or water. Towards the end of high school, the world began to lose it's color. It wasn't for several years that I even considered I could be suffering from mental illness. And several more years before I  realized I wasn't the only one dealing with an unexplainable heaviness and anxiety.  Fast forward to today, when, most of the time, the world is colorful, it feels normal to laugh, and I know that I am worthy of love. My journey as an artist is intertwined in my story, and story will forever be intertwined with my art. 

I began creating art in middle school, but found that my love for creating also disappeared with the world's color. I think worse than feeling empty, is knowing what it's like to feel full. I missed being intrigued with the colors of the sky, the subtle movements of the lake, the dramatic depth of the ocean, the confusingly beautiful emotions that arise from music.  I knew that those things pointed to the Artist at constant work, lovingly creating everything, including you and me. Even that belief was lost for a time, and I cannot explain the depth of my gratefulness to have it back. Now I follow this faith with reckless abandon, making it a point to show up, to create, to love openly, to feel all that God wants me to. I say all this to say, you're not alone. You are loved. Get help, talk to someone, join a support group. You are so loved, I promise.