{Praying + Waiting} set of 2 oil paintings

{Praying + Waiting} set of 2 oil paintings


Set of 2 original oil paintings, “Praying,” and “Waiting”. Each painting is 4” x 12”, created with solely oil paints and varnished in a matte finish, ready to be part of your home.

“Praying” and “Waiting” were created in a time where I was, well, praying and waiting. Have you ever had a season like that? You’re just waiting, and praying, and waiting some more… it can seem excruciating. But it’s always worth it. And there’s still love and peace to be found in the waiting seasons.

Let these grace your walls or shelves as a reminder that the waiting might be painful, but it won’t last forever. And whatever you’re waiting on… it’s worth it.

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